Try New Things

It all started with a wholesale inquiry a couple weeks back, progressed to Google searching (as all good things do), and ended with this pretty little flipbook. I'm excited to launch this new part of my business, and hopefully bring Loops and Tassels to a store near you! 

What is Wholesale?

Wholesale includes a significant discount (typically 40-50%) and an order minimum. Buying wholesale is how retailers stock their stores with goodies for customers. By offering wholesale purchasing, I am making my items more appealing to brick and mortar and online stores! 

As a maker with wholesale, I get to make to order. I only make enough to fill the order, and I have a guarentee that what I make will be bought. It's a win win all around.

Ooo can I get in on that discount? 

Absolutely! I have a minimum order of $300 for wholesale orders, plus shipping if you aren't local. This can be a great option for purchasing gifts, wedding favors or decor, and more! 

No ready to purchase Wholesale?

No problem! You can get 15% off anything in my Etsy shop through the end of September as a part of my one year in business sale! Use the code ONEDOWN.